Von Bondies Don't Let Lack Of Lollapalooza Get Them Down

With the dissolution of the Lollapalooza tour, a number of the bands have already lined up tours, while still others are in the midst of getting all their ducks in a row. One band whose ducks seemed lined up is Von Bondies. They didnít let a little tour cancellation ruin their summer; instead, theyíve announced their own set of dates, a tour which can only get bigger. As it stands now, the festivities will kick off in Portland, OR on July 15 and will continue on through an August 23 date in Austin. However, there are many holes in the calendar currently, so if your town isnít announced yet, donít fret ñ you still may get your Pawn Shoppe Heart fix.

Von Bondies summer 2004 tour dates, according to Pollstar:

07.15.04 - Portland, OR (Berbati's Pan)

07.23.04 - Tucson, AZ (Plush)

07.24.04 - Tempe, AZ (Marquee Theatre)

07.28.04 - Saint Louis, MO (Mississippi Nights)

07.30.04 - Minneapolis, MN (Fine Line Music Cafe)

07.31.04 - Madison, WI (The Annex)

08.03.04 - Indianapolis, IN (The Vogue)

08.04.04 - Grand Rapids, MI (The Intersection)

08.06.04 - London, ON (Call The Office)

08.07.04 - Buffalo, NY (Continental)

08.10.04 - Pittsburgh, PA (Mr. Smalls Fun House.Theatre)

08.13.04 - Hartford, CT (Webster Theatre/Underground)

08.20.04 - Greenville, SC (The Handlebar)

08.23.04 - Austin, TX (Emo's)

Von Bondies Don't Let Lack Of Lollapalooza Get Them Down