What is in the water in England? How are there always just a flood of bands full of 20-21-year-olds that write such beautiful songs? Are songwriting skills indirectly proportional to suntans? I guess if you're forced indoors so often due to inclement weather, there are only so many things you can do. Luckily for us, and I guess sad for the porn industry, Thirteen Senses chose music. Which is a good thing, because they sound like naturals. "Do No Wrong" is yet another epically sweeping, expansive rock effort for those who like their music to reach deep inside them and hit the slightly exposed nerves. Will South and his clan of brainchildren pen these Coldplay-esque numbers with aplomb, the tune floating along until the chorus crashes in like waves on the shore, raising the tempo and the emotional stakes. Give "Do No Wrong" a spin and good luck not falling in love with it at first listen.

Thirteen Senses

Do No Wrong