Details Of Bjork's New Album Come To Light

OK, Bjork Beavises, today’s your day. It’s the day we’re giving you some information about her new record. The Icelandic pop genius will release her first album in three years at the end of August. Medulla, Bjork’s seventh studio record, will be on shelves on August 31 via Elektra/Atlantic. Mark Bell from LFO co-produced four tracks and Rahzel from The Roots, ex-Faith No More frontman Mike Patton, and Robert Wyatt all play roles on the new record, as do her recent friends and live supporters, Matmos. If track listings are your thing, keep reading for the lineup for Medulla.

Tracklisting for Bjork’s Medulla:

1. “Pleasure Is All Mine”

2. “Show Me Forgiveness”

3. “Where Is The Line?”

4. “Vökuró”

5. “Öll Birtan”

6. “Who Is It (Carry My Joy On The Left, Carry My Pain On The Right)”

7. “Submarine”

8. “Desired Constellation”

9. “Oceania”

10. “Sonnets/Unrealities XI”

11. “Piano II”

12. “Mouths Cradle”

13. “Wednesday (Midvikudags)”

14. “Triumph Of A Heart”

Details Of Bjork's New Album Come To Light