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Blueberry Boat

“Did I just hear the beginning riff of Aerosmith’s ‘Walk This Way’ or… Wait! Is that my phone that’s off the hook and making that sound? Oh, I think I hear the ice cream truck outside or is that a…umm…a traveling circus?” These are the puzzling thoughts that will enter your mind when you listen to the Fiery Furnaces’ second artistic endeavor and much anticipated release, Blueberry Boat. Brother and sister duo, Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger’s experimentation with whirling guitars, pounding pianos, electronic loops and jingles on this album can cause the listener a minor nervous breakdown. Fortunately, Eleanor’s theatrical and bluesy vocals surprisingly calm your weary brain. Juvenile storytelling and nonsense lyrics add to the duo’s mystique. Schizophrenic songs that change in mood and tempo so abruptly make it impossible to pin point a genre or an influence. It’s like a dream that is a little creepy and doesn’t make sense but is just so enticing; you don’t want to wake up. 

The Fiery Furnaces
Rough Trade

Blueberry Boat