Live - Intimate Gig By Libertines' Carl Barat At Cornerstone Office

During uncertain times, we can find solace in the fact that others walk the
same jittery line that we do. Their uncertainty is ours and together we
march onward toward the unknown. Out of this, great moments are born. If I were writing an essay on The Libertines, it might start like that. But
I am not. Instead I am reporting that one Mr. Carl Barat, one half of the
eternally troubled yet annoyingly brilliant UK pop group The Libertines,
visited Cornerstone earlier in the week to perform some songs for the staff
with his acoustic guitar.

Coming straight from a radio promo bit, Barat needed a moment to unwind
before his performance. After a few gulps of Johnny Walker and some
endearingly nervous chatter, Barat began to strum the first few chords of
the Libertines new single, "Can't Stand Me Now" and everyone started to
smile. Draped in the rays of the July sun, Barat was happy to perform a few
more songs and went on to play "The Good Old Days", and at the request of a
hardcore fan, "Time For Heroes". The set was closed out with a campfire
sing-along cover of the Beatles' "Eight Days A Week".

After performing, Barat hung around for photos and a few autographs before
returning to the Rough Trade office up the street to transcribe the lyrics
to his band's new album, The Libertines, which will be released on August

Source: Elliot Aronow,

Live - Intimate Gig By Libertines' Carl Barat At Cornerstone Office