Dios Forced To Change Name By Heavy Metal God

Ronnie James Dio, frontman of metal band Dio and idol of Tenacious D, has forced California indie rockers Dios to change their name. No, this is not a joke, and no, for once, I'm not just making shit up because I think it's funny. Apparently, Dio fans raised some hell, saying that Dios purposely named their band after metal legend Ronnie James Dio. "When we named our band we were thinking of God," Dios bassist J.P. Cabellaro told Rolling Stone. "[Dios] is 'God' in Spanish. That's what it means to hundreds of millions of people all over the world. It didn't really seem like there was going to be any point of confusion. We're up against rainbows and magic." So, rather than spend the time and money in a lengthy legal battle with Dio (and perhaps an all out death match with satan himself), Dios has decided to change their name to Dios Malos.

Dios Malos' manager Kevin Kusatsu broke the news in an email this morning. You can read the beginning of that email below:

Dear Friends,

After a couple months of back & forth trying to come to some compromise, the band you know as dios has had to change their name. Unfortunately we were served with a cease & desist by Ronnie James DIO a few months back. There was unwillingness to co-exist on his end so here we are today. To warmly quote the band "we're up against rainbows & magic".

Dios Forced To Change Name By Heavy Metal God