Best Of Everclear On The Way In September

On September 28, Capitol Records will release Ten Years Gone - The Best Of Everclear 1994-2004. The collection will feature such favorites as "Santa Monica," "I Will Buy You A New Life," and "Volvo Driving Soccer Mom," as well as two songs recorded during the sessions of last years' Slow Motion Daydream ("New Disease," "Sex With A Movie Star) that were available on the Japanese version of the disc. According to Billboard, the band has included two of their film soundtrack contributions as well - "Local God" from 1996's Romeo + Juliet and a cover of Thin Lizzy's "The Boys Are Back In Town" from 1999's Detroit Rock City.

In an odd bit of triva, frontman and sole remaining original member of the band Art Alexakis represented Portland, OR, as an elected delegate at the Democratic National Convention, which wrapped up last night. Check out the greatest hits track listing below.


"Santa Monica"

"Everything to Everyone"

"AM Radio"

"Volvo Driving Soccer Mom"

"I Will Buy You a New Life"

"Learning How To Smile"


"Local God"


"Fire Maple Song"

"When It All Goes Wrong Again"

"Heroin Girl"

"The Boys Are Back in Town"

"Father of Mine (Radio Mix)"

"Brown Eyed Girl"

"Sex With a Movie Star (Good Witch Gone Bad)"

"The New Disease"

"New York Times"

"Song From an American Movie Pt.1"

"Rock Star"

Best Of Everclear On The Way In September