The Power Of An Opinion

I wish I could have been a filmmaker. Is that a thought on the mind of a film critic? What is a film critic, or any critic for that matter, really? Are we as a country basing our decisions on another person’s reaction to something. How could this be? We are all so very different. Films, plays, Music, Art, TV shows, life – evoke different reactions in all of us.


What is a critic, a smelly, ugly, frustrated person? Well that’s partially true, since I have been at many press screenings. But what does it all mean?


I saw a film that is opening this weekend called The Village.I saw it twice and loved it. This was my reaction. There are elements in this film that struck a level of enjoyment and comfort for me. FOR ME.

Ok – I realize what this means.


But to be on the subway this morning and to read someone else’s bad reaction in print in a major newspaper got me thinking. Why not have my thoughts in print as well, or why not have nobody’s thoughts in print? People will read this person’s opinion and then be influenced by this? “Is that really going to happen?,” I asked myself. We are all so different. What are we doing to ourselves by letting other people dictate our thoughts and reactions? It happens every night during the local evening news and every day when people are spewing their opinions to us via the newspapers or other media. So you know what – this is all my opinion to tell you all the following:


Take it lightly folks. Step back and realize what you see, hear or read is not the final opinion on things. Let yourself react and figure it out.

Give yourselves the credit you deserve. Have confidence in your own thoughts.

The Power Of An Opinion