15 Years Of Warp Records Brings Comprehensive Video Compilation

Seminal electronic label Warp Records have been around for 15 years now. 15 years. That’s crazy. They’ve brought us records from LFO, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Squarepusher, and Sabres Of Paradise, amongst many others, and now those acts and more will appear on the label’s new video retrospective. Entitled Warp Vision (The Videos 1989-2004), the DVD culls the best from Warp’s past, including the director’s cut of both the creepy Aphex Twin video for “Come To Daddy” and the amusing one for “Windowlicker”. The majority of the DVD has never been seen before and the package will even come with a bonus mix DVD, Watch And Repeat Play, mixed by ZILLA and Buddy Pearce. Look for the DVD in your favorite import shop from September 24.

Tracklisting for Warp Vision (The Videos 1989-2004), according to nme.com.

Sweet Exorcist - “Testone” - Martin Wallace & Jarvis Cocker/1990

LFO - “LFO” - 1991

Nightmares on Wax - “Aftermath” - Jarvis Cocker/1991

Aphex Twin - “On” - Jarvis Cocker/1993

“I Smell Quality” - David Slade/1994

LFO - “Tied Up” - David Slade/1994

Sabres of Paradise - “Wilmot” - Douglas Hart/1994

Seefeel - “Fracture” - Seefeel/1994

Aphex Twin - “Donkey Rhubarb” - David Slade/1995

Autechre - “Second Bad Vilbel” - Chris Cunningham/1995

Aphex Twin - “Come to Daddy” (Director's Cut) - Chris Cunningham/1997

Squarepusher - “Come on My Selector” - Chris Cunningham/1997

Jimi Tenor - “Midsummer's Night” - Jimi Tenor and Sökö Kaukoranta/1998

Aphex Twin - “Windowlicker” (Directors Cut) - Chris Cunningham/1999

Jimi Tenor - “Total Devastation” - Jimi Tenor and Sökö Kaukoranta/1999

Broadcast - “Papercuts” - Barback/2000

Jamie Lidell - “Daddys Car” - Frederic D/2000

John Callaghan - “I'm Not Comfortable Inside My Mind” - John Callaghan/2000

Antipop - “Perpendicular/Vector” - Caliber 16 (Marcus Wambsganss)/2001

Plaid - “Eyen” - Jean Luc Chansay/2001

Antipop - “Ghostlawns” - Carlos Arias/2002

Autechre - “Gantz Graf” - Alex Rutterford/2002

Aphex Twin - “Nannou” - Laurent Briet/2003

Chris Clark - “Gob Coitus” - Lynn Fox/2003

LFO - “Freak” (Director's Cut) - Daniel Levi/2003

Luke Vibert - “I Love Acid” - Delicious 9/2003

Mira Calix - “Little Numba (CR vid)” - Daniele Lunghini/2003

Plaid - “Itsu (CR Vid)” - Pleix/2003

Prefuse 73 - “Half of What (CR vid)” - Ed Holdsworth/2003

Opto-Scientific - “tDR”/2003

Beans - “Mutescreamer” - Adam Levite/2004

Jamie Lidell - “The City” - Frederic D/2004

15 Years Of Warp Records Brings Comprehensive Video Compilation