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Rock The Faces

One member is from New Orleans, one is from North Carolina, and the other three are from Philadelphia. But this band of nomads met up in Brooklyn, formed The Hong Kong, and set to making the kind of music they heard in their heads, with influences ranging from Wall Of Sound-era Motown to the Velvet Underground. Not full of pre-1997 English ex-pats, nor post-’97 communist Chinese, The Hong Kong is instead full of post-punk and edgy new wave goodness. Blondie records have been in heavy rotation at the members of The Hong Kong’s houses, you would expect, but that’s not a problem in our book. Frontwoman Catherine Culpepper may help in that Blondie vibe, but The Hong Kong is no cover band. Catchy tunes, like lead single “Mazerati”, the new wave fury of “Disappear”, and the effervescent title track, Culpepper’s engaging vocal style, and bouncy rhythms to get the blood pumping as you jump around your room or rock out in the car all lead to repeated listens, if all goes according to plan. And it will. Believe me.

The Hong Kong

Rock The Faces