Ian Brown Explains Resurrecting Stone Roses Classics

Former Stone Roses lead singer Ian
Brown has gone public as to why he has
unearthed his former band's amazing catalog at a
recent show at the Claremont Landscape Garden in
the UK. "The reason I did it was because kids were
coming up to me pissed off that John Squire
was out playing them on his tour and they
‘He’s butchering them’", he tells the NME. "So I
thought, ‘He’s not doing it for the people, he’s just
doing it for himself’. I did it for the people. I
thought it’d be a buzz for them."

Since the Stone Roses meltdown up in
1996, their songs lay dormant until recent solo
shows by guitarist John Squire. Not blessed with a
lovely singing voice, Brown's assessment of Squire's
vocal range ring true.

"If he (Squire) hadn’t played those tunes I don’t
know if I would’ve done. I think we only ever played
it ('Fool's Gold') about three times. So I thought, in
that case, I’ll bring it back for the people."

Fans looking for a reunion of the Roses may be in
for a long wait based on these events. In the
meantime, Brown is enjoying all the press and
attention. His forthcoming record,
Solarized, is released this fall.

Ian Brown Explains Resurrecting Stone Roses Classics