Epitaph Get Involved With Charities Project 2004

Epitaph Records, home to such acts as Bad Religion, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Matchbox Romance, have just launched their charities project for 2004. "The Epitaph Charities Project is an annual charitable donation of $50,000 divided among three charities that represent the values of both Epitaph and the fans that support the label," reads a statement from a label spokesperson. Fans have a choice of eight charities to choose from on Epitaph.com, of which the top three will receive an equal portion of the donation. This year's charities project will center around the impending presidential election, as the eight selected charities focus on improving voter registration, education and mobilization.

With no time to spare before election day, voting for this year's charities project will last only until September 6. The list of possible charities is below:

- America Coming Together (ACT)

- MoveOn.org

- Punk Voter

- Rock The Vote

- Working Assets Voter Registration Fund

- League of Women Voters

- Voices for Working Families

- Sierra Club/America Votes

Epitaph Get Involved With Charities Project 2004