Gus Van Sant Movie On Cobain's Final Days

Director Gus Van Sant has just finished
shooting Final Days, a movie about the all
too abrupt end of Nirvana singer
Kurt Cobain's life. The movie is not so
much a direct interpretation on what happened to
Cobain, but rather a reflection on the "little things
that happen that add up to not so much the story
as much as the enviroment," he tells MTV.
Enter stacked actor Courtney Love.

Van Sant adds, "Final Days does not offer
any conclusions as to why the troubled singer killed
himself." The mysterious suicide which lead to
Cobain's discovery on April 8, 1994 has long
offered varying opinions. There's not one true,
authoritative account of his death. A look into the
events leading up to Cobain's death through the
eyes of Van Sant should prove interesting.

The movie features Michael Pitt(The
) and is scheduled for release next year.

Gus Van Sant Movie On Cobain's Final Days