The Handler

You know the story, he rocks like Jamiroquai, looks like Ron Jeremy, and lathers up the ladies like Prince. Well he shaved the ‘stache and has a new record. Har Mar Superstar’s newest,The Handler, is a blueprint for gettin’ babies, having fun, and living out the fantasy life most of us wish we had. You’ll swear you have heard these songs before because they catch on that quickly. The first single, “D.U.I.”, is a Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 influenced track that spells out the mindset that is late night booty calling, which Har Mar calls dialing under the influence. The rest of the tracks have hints of Stevie Wonder, harmonica and melody of “Sugar Pie”, Jamiroquai on the opener “Transit”, and maybe Justin Timberlake on a few. But where JT and white boys like Thicke come across as kind of weak, this chubby dude nails the attitude and crushes the image that the industry can only market on beautiful faces. Big ups to Har Mar for reversing the trend.

Wait until suburbia catches on to the Har Mar Superstar party train, they’ll chuck the Atkins wraps and grab some baby oil.

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The Handler