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Live - The Music At Full Force In NYC

Wow, my first review from the other side of the fence. Oh well. The nostalgia will surely fade at some point. Last night provided me with my first gigging opportunity since moving to The Big Apple and who better than to ring in my virgin 2004 NYC musical experience than one of my favorite live bands, The Music. The youngsters from Leeds have completed their second full-length and got back into the swing of things with an incendiary gig at the Bowery Ballroom.

Still full of the vibe of the Stone Roses and The Verve with the explosive guitar attack of Led Zeppelin, The Music took a few songs to entrance the crowd, but once that happened, they ripped the roof off the place. Old favorites from the band’s 2002 self-titled debut like “The Truth Has No Words”, “Getaway”, “The People”, and “Take The Long Road And Walk It” washed through the venue on a tidal wave of sound, riff building upon riff, with bassist and Matt Smith-look alike Stuart Coleman and amazing sticksman Phil Jordan laying down that Roses-style groove. A handful of new numbers from the band’s upcoming CD, Welcome To The North, show they haven’t lost their knack for trance-inducing rock jams, as the title track and the lead single, “Freedom Fighters”, stood out on first listen, Adam Nutter’s guitar lines sounding beefier than ever. And frontman and band shaman Robert Harvey was ever-kinetic, his frantic dancing tempered at some point but fired up at frequent intervals. This is a band that MUST be seen live to be fully appreciated (just ask  Mike Peer and The Fly’s Ian Abraham) and when the foursome return to support the new record, do what it takes to ensure you witness their blazing live show in person. Big ups to Darren Eggleston and Steve Nice for being my enablers.

Live - The Music At Full Force In NYC