Van Halen Throws Lawsuit at MLB Orioles

Put me in coach, I'm ready to sue. That's what happens when you re-neg on the Van Halen brothers, the balding guy on bass and either Hagar or David "Weave" Roth

Having totally changed touring plans to accommodate a September 2nd date at Camdem Yards in Baltimore, Van Hagar feels they have been wronged by the subsequent show being cancelled to the tune of $2 million in damages.

It's classic "he said she said" with Oriloes rep Don Mark telling Billboard he had "no comment whatsoever" on the Van Halen situation. Van Halen attorney Howard E. King of King, Holmes, Paterno & Berliner in L.A., also declined to comment.

Possible dealbreaker? Maybe the infamous brown M&M rider or was it refusing bassist Michael Anthony's request for ice tea in his stage bottle of Jack Daniels he chugs mid-concert?

Van Halen Throws Lawsuit at MLB Orioles