White Stripes To Split?

The Seven Nation Army dismantled? The group featuring Jack and ex-wife Meg White, are reportedly thinking about splitting up and leaving on a high note with their legacy intact, according to frontman Jack White's nephew, Ben Blackwell. Blackwell, band roadie and WS historian, says he thinks his uncle is "near done" with the White Stripes and wants to move on to make new music alone, as reported on Ireland-online.

Blackwell says, "Jack hasn't spoken directly to me about it, but the word in Detroit is that The White Stripes are near done. He could certainly live off The White Stripes' legacy for the rest of his life. And that's the best motivator, he can do whatever he wants now, and he doesn't have to worry about whether it's safe or commercially viable. He can do whatever inspires him."

What does Meg think about this? Her latest role is portraying Little Red Riding Hood in The Detroit Cobras new video for their single "Cha Cha Twist". Is thespian Renee "the human wedgie" Zellweger to record songs with Jack? Actors singing and singers acting spells trouble.
Ahh, musicians, always known for making great decisions.

[via ThighsWideShut.org]

White Stripes To Split?