Live - The Donnas Rock For The Hipsters In Silver Lake

They came, they rocked, they split. It’s that simple with The Donnas anymore. And that’s not a bad thing, believe me. Since their jump from indie darling novelty to heavy-pressure major label marketing blitz, these gals deliver - every time. No exceptions. They’re tight, loud, fast and to the point.

Still a couple months off from their sophomore Atlantic effort (and sixth full length), I’ll argue with anyone that this is one of the best live rock
bands around. Please note, I have a massive obsession with Angus Young riffs and Ace Frehely leads - with that as the standard, this band delivers. The No-Cal quartet slipped into Silver Lake (hip LA outskirt) and tore up The Echo, which was packed with only a couple hundred Donnaholics wise enough to nab a ticket. Since their last tour fizzled with drummer Donna C’s tendentious, it was a welcome return.

The majority of the set was either from the forthcoming album or 2003’s Spend The Night. If you have any doubts let me say this again - they rock. The leads that Donna R throws down are brutal. Donna C, with forearms now taped up, was a bit restrained on drums, though still closer visually to Animal from The Muppets (but with far better time). Donna A, on vocals, hits everything that she needs to and is right at home as the main voice but is never a stumbling, messy, lead singer parody. Donna F was finally lacking in snotty commentary and lame jokes and did what she needs to do - hold the rhythm and look cool. Since this was the first go-round in hearing the new material, I can’t comment beyond it being all solid and exactly what I’d like to hear - a perfect follow up to the last record. All that said and done, sixty minutes later and I was left wanting much more. I’ll twiddle my thumbs patiently for their return in the fall at House Of Blues.

Lookout!’s Communiqué was one of two openers. Somewhere between The Cars and Blondie, they won me over about halfway thru their set. If 80’s New Wave is the new thing, this band should seriously be considered as one of the best of the bunch. While I wandered around Silver Lake for a parking spot, I’m told The Lashes were very worthy and well worth checking out when the opportunity presents itself.


"It's On The Rocks"
"Friends Like Mine"
"I Don't Want To Know If You Don't"
"All Messed Up"
"It's So Hard"
"I Don't Care So There"
"Don't Break Me Down"
"I Didn't Like You Anyway"
"Who Invited You"
"It's Out Of My Hands"
"5 O'Clock In The Morning"
"Fall Behind Me"
"Take It Off"

Source: Matthew Surrena,

Live - The Donnas Rock For The Hipsters In Silver Lake