Dakine Takes Sponsorships To The Next Level With DK Music

Leading manufacturer of packs, bags and accessories for action sports professionals and enthusiasts, Dakine, has launched a new addition to their website. Called DK Music, this new section ties Dakine sponsored artists to the brand by offering up free downloads or audio streams, information and reviews on current releases, band images, links to official band and label sites and even info on each artists' favorite Dakine gear. Bands like Interpol, Broken Social Scene, Death Cab For Cutie, The Stills, Ash, The Shins, The Vines, The Postal Service, Metric, Rilo Kiley and tons more are all featured on the site and all use Dakine gear to haul their valuables around while on the road.

“The company is very excited about this new venture,” says Randy Torcom, DK Music Manager. “Over the last year, our relationship with the DK Music bands has become super solid. The bands could not be happier about having reliable luggage and backpacks to travel with. This is a perfect match for DAKINE and will surely increase the brand’s visibility in the eyes of our active audience."

Sure it's easy for someone at Dakine to tell us how much bands love Dakine gear, but is Randy really telling the truth? YES!

“Dakine bags rock! I can't imagine doing a tour without their packs and luggage,” says Jason McGerr, drummer for Death Cab for Cutie. “The padded laptop sleeves and music organization in the packs is so key for us. Throughout our band and crew, we all use and abuse the stuff every day. I'm just waiting for my custom drum stick bag!”

"There is always one member of our group that is rocking Dakine bags, belts, or hats,” adds Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene. “I just realized that Kevin Drew (lead singer for Broken Social Scene) has my Dakine hoodie, but of course, he already has his own so that tells you how he feels about Dakine. But I'm most fond of the large Split Roller, that bag is perfect for touring.”

Dakine has truly embraced the cutting edge of music and the best part is, bands on the cutting edge of music have embraced them right back. DK Music is a win/win situation that has clear advantages for both parties involved. Dakine can align their brand not only with professional action sports athletes, but also with the music that these athletes and their fans hold near to their hearts. With DK Music, Dakine is making itself a part of the culture, not just a company that makes bags. I'd expect more and more companies to catch on and try to tap into these developing artists in the very near future.

Dakine Takes Sponsorships To The Next Level With DK Music