Live Starsailor Tracks Available Online

If you missed James Walsh and company during their last US tour and are in dire need of some live Starsailor, you can finally wipe those tears away. Simply click over to their official website and purchase the recently released online mini-live album. The cuts were recorded over the summer from shows in London, Belgium, and Germany. Those "good souls" from across the pond are donating all of the proceeds to the Fair Trade Foundation. Of course, this adds to the growing number of similarities between Walsh and Chris Martin. As long as he doesn't start naming his children after fruit, we may still be able to separate the two bands.

"Tie Up My Hands" (Live at The Coronet)
"Silence Is Easy" (Live at The Coronet)
"Good Souls" (Live at The Coronet)
"Tie Up My Hands" (Rock Werchter)
"Silence Is Easy" (Rock Werchter)
"Good Souls" (Rock Werchter)
"Tie Up My Hands" (Rock Am Ring)
"Silence Is Easy" (Rock Am Ring)
"Good Souls" (Rock Am Ring)

Live Starsailor Tracks Available Online