Folkloric Feel

Apostle Of Hustle's Folkloric Feel is another in a string of outstanding releases from Toronto-based all-in-one record label, artist management, design house, distribution and production company, Arts&Crafts. Making music for musicians, artists, activists and hipster kids alike, Apostle Of Hustle shares a common sound and idealism with label mates Broken Social Scene, Feist and Stars. It also shares some band members. Apostle Of Hustle is the child of Broken Social Scene lead guitarist Andrew Whiteman and, keeping in the amazing spirit of community found amongst A&C label mates, members of Broken Social Scene, Stars and Feist all lend a hand on Folkloric Feel. Apostle Of Hustle was actually in the works before the release of Broken Social Scene's breakout album You Forgot It In People, but Whiteman put it on the back burner to tour the world with his BSS bandmates.

Beginning with a near-eight minute instrumental jam, Whiteman makes it clear that one needs to be ready for anything when listening to the rich and layered sound that is Apostle Of Hustle. Flowing together with a consistent musical idea, each song seamlessly transitions into the next. "Baby, You're In Luck", "Song For Lorca" and "Dark Is What I Want / Strutters Ball" are all stand out tracks, but like the rest of the album, they are all a bit "out there" in terms of your typical radio listening. "Energy Of Death" however, is the track that is accessible enough to the average listener to turn them on to the band and ease them in to the rest of Folkloric Feel without making it too scary. Fear not though, previous fans of Broken Social Scene or Stars will have little trouble finding themselves enamored with Apostle Of Hustle.

Apostle Of Hustle

Folkloric Feel