Winchester Cathedral

It should come as no surprise that Winchester Cathedral, the new album from Clinic, sounds remarkably similar to Walking With Thee. When your primary sound revolves around melodica and clarinet, it can be quite difficult to change things up. The beauty of their new record will not hit you after your initial listen, nor will it seep into your
consciousness after your second listen. However, after your third, you will begin to hear the nuances that make Clinic's new offering to the world stand out.

"Country Mile", the album's opener, begins with a fitting EKG heart monitor that quickens until it flatlines. It then erupts into stomping drums and Ade Blackburn's patented wavering vocals. The band shows signs of musical growth with the aggressively spastic "Vertical Take Off In Egypt", as well as allowing themselves a little time to rock on "W.D.Y.Y.P." One of the biggest differences between the previous record and Winchester Cathedral is that their new release is much less of a pop record. Not that Clinic was ever destined for TRL, partnering up for duets with Beyonce or Britney Spears, but there was a strong pop element to Walking With Thee. Now we see Clinic staying on course, while growing within their own unique sound.

If you think Winchester Cathedral is Walking With Thee part 2, ask yourself "is that really such a bad thing?" I'd rather hear Clinic sounding like themselves than dropping the clarinet and trading it in for some emo.


Winchester Cathedral