Live - NYC's Lit Lounge Hosts Indie Rock Onslaught

The Lit Lounge in the East Village, known for it’s late night riotous dance parties, became an indie rock showcase showdown yesterday evening. In the cavernous hole Lit calls a stage, four bands performed to a small drunken audience as if they were playing in an arena. New England’s Lions and Tigers began the night with hip swaying guitar pop rock, reminiscent of The Rapture and The Fever. Echoing keyboard jingles, with the help of a squealing violin, forced the ultra hip crowd to start tapping their feet. Girls flocked to the front when they heard the Tigers first note or maybe it was their ironic moustaches and strategically ripped t-shirts that intrigued them? Needless to say, audiences in NYC can’t get enough of new wave infused rock.

Washington Social Club, who was supposed to headline the show, failed to make it and Brooklyn’s The Atomic Missiles stepped in. The Missiles performed their stop and go guitar riffs and pogo dance inducing songs. The young group of boys played music that teenagers would want to sink their teeth into and apparently, drunk hipsters too. The Volunteers wrapped up the evening and drew in the majority of the audience. Heavy bass lines and radio friendly rock is what attracted the swarms of people to raise their beers and cheer.

Regardless of who drew in the largest crowd, This Blue Holiday left with their attention. Connecticut’s best kept little secret revealed it’s dirty guitar callused hands with the first two minutes of This Blue Holiday’s set. Combining the pop sensibility and sincerity of U2’s music with the mystique of Joy Division, This Blue Holiday stunned the audience with tight and dreamy guitar riffs and heart stabbing lush vocals. Caught a bit off guard, the audience quickly moved in, danced, smiled and screamed for more.

Something in the late summer’s air made these bands perform and sound like rock stars and the beer definitely helped too.

Source: Karen León

Live - NYC's Lit Lounge Hosts Indie Rock Onslaught