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Marilyn Manson To Honor The Cure On MTV

The Cure has finally joined the ranks of Aerosmith and Janet Jackson by getting their very own MTV Icon tribute show. Of all the goth-inspired musicians that site the Cure's Robert Smith as a major musical influence, the folks at MTV have chosen Marilyn Manson to host the presentation. The thought of Manson performing “Why Can’t I Be You” or “Close To Me” should make even the deepest Cure fan smirk. The show will be taped on September 17th at Old Billingsgate Market in London, and will hopefully be aired in October, at least in the UK. No word on the other performers, although we expect to see at least one band from the Curiosa festival on board. After twenty-five years of destroying the ozone layer with cans of Aqua Net, this type of tribute is long overdue.

Marilyn Manson To Honor The Cure On MTV