Super Furry Animals' Singles Collection Details

Import alert! The much-underloved Welsh marvels, Super Furry Animals, set to release their singles collection early next month in the UK, are gearing up with a re-release of the cult hit "The Man Don’t Give a Fuck". It is the first offering the humbly name Songbook: The Singles Volume One as reported on The single will be released on September 27th, with the LP to be released on October 4th. US release dates were unavailable at press time.

The single, originally released seven years ago, hit the high end of the UK top 40 despite its proliferation of swear words (52, separate ‘fuck’s for those counting). It’s unsure whether this is in re-recorded form or will be based around the live techno-wigout version that the band have regularly used to mark the end of their sets.

The tracklisting for said record is:

01. "Something 4 The Weekend"
02. "It's Not The End Of The World?"
03. "Northern Lites"
04. "Juxtaposed With U"
05. "Slow Life"
06. "Fire In My Heart"
07. "The Man Don't Give A Fuck"
08. "Hermann Loves Pauline"
09. "Play It Cool"
10. "Ice Hockey Hair"
11. "Do Or Die"
12." (Drawing) Rings Around The World"
13. "God! Show Me Magic"
14. "Ysbeidiau Heulog"
16. "Golden Retriever"
17. "The International Language Of Screaming"
18. "Hello Sunshine"
19. "Hometown Unicorn"
20. "If You Don't Want Me To Destroy You"

Additionally, a DVD will also be released featuring all the group's videos to date, as well as a previously unseen 40-minute on-the-road documentary. Added bonus a 20-minute live version of "The Man Don't Give A F**k "

Super Furry Animals' Singles Collection Details