Artists Come Together For CD Benefiting Sudan

R.E.M, Ash, Jet, David Grey, Hope Of The States, Kasabian and The Futureheads are among the many artists who have contributed to a download-only charity album to raise money for Sudan. The album will be available for just $14.31[£7.99] from, a download site started by British-based charity Oxfam. Out of each sale, $8.95[£5.00] will go towards aid for the people suffering in the current crisis in Darfur, Sudan. The artists and record labels involved in the album are forgoing royalties.

Sergio from Kasabian explained on NME their contribution: “As a band we believe in peace and love and believe we’ve a responsibility to help each other in times of emergency. This album is one way to show your support for people in Sudan.”

The Futureheads said, "The situation in Sudan is one that cannot be ignored. Futureheads contributing a track to Songs for Sudan is the least that we can do. Buy this album. You'll be making a difference to people in Sudan if you do."
Badly Drawn Boy added, "Men, Women and Children are still dying everyday in Sudan. People like us might not have the power to stop the violence but at least we can try and help the people who are affected by it. Oxfam is already saving lives, the least we can do is help them to save more." 

The tracklisting is:

The Futureheads – "Decent Days And Nights"
Ash – "Starcrossed" (acoustic version)
R.E.M. – "The Lifting" (live)
Primal Scream – "Come Together" (BBG mix)
The Upper Room – "All Over This Town"
Roots Manuva – "Bashment Boogie"
Kasabian – "Clubfoot" (Jagz Kooner remix edit)
Mr Scruff – "Shrimp"
Ty – "I Want 2"
Paddy Casey – "Promised Land"
Jet – "Cigarettes and Cola"
Tom Baxter – "All Comes True"
Kathryn Williams – "Ballad of Easy Rider"
Hope Of The States – "Static In The City"
Faithless – "Everything Will Be Alright Tomorrow"
David Gray – "Baltimore" (live)
Four Tet – "Slow Jam"
Badly Drawn Boy – "Celebrate"

More than 50,000 have been killed and 1.4 million displaced following 18 months of Genocide in the crisis-hit Darfur region of western Sudan. Arab militia, known as Janjaweed, and who are supported by the Khartoum government, are responsible for the blatant wholesale slaughter and eradication of peaceful people because of their skin color. Khartoum also continues to block humanitarian access to the area. The situation is described by the UN as the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

For more information on the catastrophe unfolding in Darfur, visit

Artists Come Together For CD Benefiting Sudan