Live - Jimmy Eat World Devours Chicago

Fresh off my veggie burger deluxe at Wrigleyville Dogs across from the Metro, indigestion in one hand and a ice cold Goose Island beer in the other, I was ready for a rock show. And Jimmy Eat World delivered just that and more.

Even the most hardcore indie rock elitist will agree that no band deserves success like Jimmy Eat World, who paid for the recording of their platinum self-titled album by touring like James Brown in the 1960's. With that radio success comes the usual suspect of frat boys who think songs like "The Middle" will get them laid. And it will, but only by the girl behind me in the halter top who screamed "I actually know this song!" (who I also almost stabbed with my pen).

Despite those distractions, these Arizona boys know how to put on such a great show that those nuisances fade into the background and not even a high five during the opening chords of "Blister" can kill my excitement.

The last few times I had seen them, they introduced a light show that corresponded to each song - swirling stars and moons during "For Me This is Heaven" and lightning quick bursts of red during "Bleed American". This time, it was JEW stripped back to the basics. From the opening song featuring the dueling guitars of Jim Atkins and Tom Linton on "Get it Faster", the crowd was ready. We were treated to a mix of old and new with a debut of five songs off of the upcoming album Futures. Though the new album is much darker than their previous material, with songs like "Kill" and "Pain", the tracks are so strong that a crowd who has never heard them before reacted like they were old favorites. Atkins repeatedly used Heart's "Barracuda" as a placeholder while the band tuned their instruments between songs and apologized to the crowd for not being able to get the song out of his head.

Despite Jim claiming not to feel well, by the time they kicked into fan favorite "No Sensitivity" (a hidden gem off of the split 7" with Aussie band Jebadiah) you could have sworn he was at 100%.

The highlight of the show for any well versed fan are the subtle changing of lyrics, a crack in Jim's voice or the extra "whoa oh's" that Atkins uses to connect with the crowd.

As the crowd filtered out, fueled by the adrenaline from the show, there was an audible buzz of anticipation for the new album.

In the first line of the lead single, Jim talks about a better future. Let's hope the album success and the upcoming election will bring us all a "better November".

Set List:

"Get it Faster"
"Praise Chorus"
"Nothing Wrong"
"Lucky Denver Mint"
"For Me This is Heaven"
"No Sensitivity"
"Goodbye Sky Harbor"
"The Middle"


"Bleed American"

Source: Amirah Noaman

Live - Jimmy Eat World Devours Chicago