Is Now Live!, an on-line music retailer geared specifically towards serving the punk and indie community with digital music downloads is now live, reports. offers up a catalog of over 30,000 songs from over 120 labels that run the gammut of punk, hardcore, emo, metalcore, pop punk, post punk, ska, street punk, indie rock and metal genres and sub-genres. DownloadPunk currently features releases from labels such as Epitaph, Nitro, Lookout, Trustkill, SideOneDummy, Ferret, Fearless, Fiddler, The Militia Group, Doghouse, Triple Crown, Artemis, Jade Tree, Volcom and Hopeless/Sub City Records with many more to be added in the very near future.

For more, check out the site at:

The website is very user-friendly. Fans can search for music via search tools based on band name, song name, album name, label and/or genre as well as have the option to preview a 30-second sample of any song before purchase. Each download is also available at one of three price-points. Individual songs can be downloaded for .79, .89, or .99 cents and full albums are priced at $7.99, $8.99, or $9.99. All downloads are available in both MP3 and WMA, thus making the songs compatible on an iPod and a variety of other players.

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