Live - Assassins/Ponys Blow Away Fans At Quicksilver/FADER Bash

Last night, the good folks from Quicksliver and The FADER Magazine put together a little shin dig to celebrate the arrival of Quicksilver Crossing's vessel, Indies Trader to the Windy City. In the last five years, the boat has traveled all over the world with the Quicksilver team riders, discovering new waves and documenting the health of hundreds of the world's coral reefs. So now, the boat is taking its maiden voyage in US waters and bringing with it one hell of a killer party.

Two things, the music and the space, made last night's event the best party of the summer in Chicago, hands down. Quicksilver and The FADER managed to book The Assassins and The Ponys, two Chicago bands that are currently at level ten on the buzz-o-meter. In case you're not familiar with the buzz-o-meter, it ranges from one to ten - with ten representing "free dinners for the band every night of the week from a different A&R guy", and one representing "your cousin's seventh grade Sum-41 cover band". Not only that, but relatively unknown DJ Tobias blew everyone away with his wildly eclectic musical selections (Broken Social Scene, Love And Rockets, Michael Jackson, Simean, etc.). If anyone ever needs a DJ for an event in Chicago where the hipster contingency is expected or desired, this is the kid to get.

Equally as important was the location. Though a tad hard to find (honestly though, what kind of a party would it be if it wasn't at least a little hard to find), the roof of Navy Pier was an amazing place for this event. Stretching out into Lake Michigan, Navy Pier offers some of the best views of the skyline in the city. A stage was erected at the far East end of the rooftop, as was a giant tent in the middle, making for the perfect atmosphere for the hundreds of local hipsters and industry folk to join forces with the common mission of drinking, socializing and listening to great music.

As it was held outside, the winds played quite a role in the evening as well. The wind coming off of the lake blew at seemingly tropical storm levels and at times, I was a bit nervous that a gust would catch a skinny hipster's blazer just right and send him flying over the railing. Thankfully, we made it out sans any wind-related incidents. On a positive note, the wind added to the bands' stage presence. Both The Ponys and The Assassins each have a girl in the band, as well as some long haired boys, so as they played, hair was flying about uncontrollably and looked quite cool. Not that I was there, but it reminded me of footage of The Beatles' famed rooftop performance in 1969.

Needless to say, I got home late and have a killer head ache right now. Mission accomplished? Indeed.

Source: Matt DuFour (photos by Sergio Flores)

Live - Assassins/Ponys Blow Away Fans At Quicksilver/FADER Bash