Grandaddy Share New Song And Favorites On CD

Trucker cap O.G.'s Grandaddy are to release a brand new song, "Nature Anthem", on a forthcoming compilation album entitled Below The Radio. Out on October 19 on Ultra, the LP is mainly a collection of the band's favorite songs. Speaking about the record, Grandaddy singer Jason Lytle said: “After looking back over this list of my favourite songs I’ve compiled, I can’t help but notice how they are not the big ‘heavy hitters’ or the songs that the record labels would have suggested as being ‘the singles.’ Still, they ended up being my favorite songs from the albums that they came from.” Sort of like his iTunes playlist on CD.

The full tracklisting of Below The Radio is:

Beck – "We Live Again"
Beulah – "Burned By The Sun"
Fruitbats – "The Little Acorn"
Snow Patrol – "Run"
Home – "Comin’ Up Empty Again"
Giant Sand - "Bottom Line Man"
Golden Boy - "Wild Was The Night"
Earlimart - "Color Bars"
Jackpot - "If We Could Go Backwards"
The Handsome Family - "I Feel"
Little Wings - "Sand Canyon"
Pavement - "Motion Suggests"
Blonde Redhead - "For The Damaged"
Virgil Shaw - "Twisted Layers"
Grandaddy - "Nature Anthem"

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Grandaddy Share New Song And Favorites On CD