Ebay And Pass Along Networks Debut Major Label Downloads

Pass Along Networks are launching both their stand alone and Ebay branded download service and sharing networks today. According to the press release this will be the first digital music store on eBay to feature music catalogs from the major labels. (Read press release at Businesswire) You can find them at PassAlong on Ebay and www.passalong.com but beware, it is Windows only.

Once you get to the site, consumers can choose from 200,000 major releases and 500,000 by month's end. The sharing part of the company comes from members sharing links to songs through e-mail or messagering services. Each link that results in a legal sale on PassAlong earns that member a point redeemable towards digital music on both PassAlong stores. Yay! PassAlong Networks is building a community for music enthusiasts by encouraging and rewarding legal music sharing.


There is yet another element to the site. They also provide exclusive artist promotional auctions that members bid on. The example given is a 15-minute phone conversation with angry millionaire Avril Lavigne. I bid they pay me about $20 to let her know punk is not a mall fad and fugly shovel-faced dudes are by definition stale . Wa wa we wa!

Ebay And Pass Along Networks Debut Major Label Downloads