David Brent Rethinking Foregone Conclusion Single

Well, we have some bad news. "Free Love Freeway", the future hit by David Brent will not be released as a single reports XFM. The star of BBC America's The Office had recently recorded the Foregone Conclusion song with Noel Gallagher of Oasis and was considering releasing it on a new Office DVD. The sudden about face was explained by Brent's alter ego, Ricky Gervais, “I'm worried that people are thinking there's no irony.” He continued, “But it's not a novelty record, it's meant to be David Brent doing his best, there's nothing intrinsically spoof-ish or silly about the song, it hasn't got comedy lyrics, it's a man going through a mid life crisis writing a song about travelling over America, it's not a novelty record as such."

Sadly, Gervais seems insistent that the track won’t be released as a full single. “No. Definitely not. That wouldn't be irony anymore. That would be me trying to get on Top of the Pops.  As much as I'd love to do it, you can't do it, irony comes back and haunts you. I've got to control myself.  It's definitely not getting released.”

Open letter to Ricky Gervais:
Dear Sir, reality check, you, please reconsider.

To those without a scoobie doo, you can hear it here.

David Brent Rethinking Foregone Conclusion Single