Pavement To Release Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain On Steroids

On October 26, Matador is releasing the 10th anniversary edition of Pavement’s amazing album Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. The two-disc set will include eleven tracks never heard before by the public. It will also feature fourteen unreleased versions of songs from the original album, including a BBC Peel Session from 1994. An anniversary edition would not be complete without a phat 40-page booklet, filled with all the Pavement photos your heart desires.

As for the unreleased tracks, frontman Stephen Malkmus told Billboard, “There are some extras that I guess just failed," Malkmus says of unreleased tracks like "All My Friends," "Hands off the Bayou" and "Flood Victim." "There are some full songs that are pretty cool; they sound just like 'Crooked Rain.' They maybe have not as good mixes or bad singing, or are just slightly inferior. But they're still pretty good." There are talks of expanded releases of other Pavement albums, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. Malkmus has also now gone on record saying that a Pavement reunion is not out of the question. Oh, to hear “Range Life” live just one more time. A reunited Pavement would make the world a far better place.

Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain 10th Anniversary Edition tracklising

Disc one
01. "Back to the Gold Soundz" (Phantom Power Parable)
02. "Silence Kit"
03. "Elevate Me Later"
04. "Stop Breathin"
05. "Cut Your Hair"
06. "Newark Wilder"
07. "Unfair"
08. "Gold Soundz"
09. "5-4=Unity"
10. "Range Life"
11. "Heaven Is a Truck"
12. "Hit the Plane Down"
13. "Fillmore Jive"
14. "Camera" ("Cut Your Hair" B-side)
15. "Stare" ("Cut Your Hair" B-side)
16. "Raft" ("Range Life" B-side)
17. "Coolin' by Sound" ("Range Life" B-side)
18. "Kneeling Bus" ("Gold Soundz" B-side)
19. "Strings of Nashville" ("Gold Soundz" B-side)
20. "Exit Theory" ("Gold Soundz" B-side)
21. "5-4 Vocal" ("Gold Soundz" B-side)
22. "Jam Kids" ("Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain" bonus 7-inch)
23. "Haunt You Down" ("Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain" bonus 7-inch)
24. "Unseen Power of the Picket Fence" (from "No Alternative")
25. "Nail Clinic" (from "Hey Drag City!")

Disc two
01. "After the Glow (Where Eagles Dare)":
02. "All My Friends"
03. "Soiled Little Filly"
04. "Range Life"
05. "Stop Breathin"
06. "Ell Ess Two"
07. "Flux=Rad"
08. "Bad Version of War"
09. "Same Way of Staying"
10. "Hands Off the Bayou"
11. "Heaven Is a Truck (Egg Shell)"
12. "Grounded"
13. "Kennel District"
14. "Pueblo (Beach Boys)"
15. "F***ing Righteous"
16. "Colorado"
17. "Dark Ages"
18. "Flood Victim"
19. "JMC Retro"
20. "Rug Rat"
21. "String of Nashville (instrumental)"
22. "Instrumental"
23. "Brink of the Clouds" (John Peel Session, BBC Radio)
24. "Tartar Martyr" (John Peel Session, BBC Radio)
25. "Pueblo Domain" (John Peel Session, BBC Radio)
26. "The Sutcliffe Catering Song" (John Peel Session, BBC Radio)

Pavement To Release Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain On Steroids