Thom Yorke Versus George Bush

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke confirms his Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament [CND] speech for this weekend at the US Military Air Base Fylingdales in Yorkshire, UK. As reported on Xfm, Yorke will be attending the CND’s "No to Star Wars, Keep Space for Peace" demonstration and will be speaking this Saturday alongside the chair of CND, Kate Hudson, and Dave Knight, from the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space.

Yorke’s message on the Radiohead website urged people to join the protest by saying: “I'm planning a trip to Fylingdales. Anybody want to come? Its a nice place. They have big domes and stuff. Its up north. And I'm down south. Bring a sandwich. I think they are planning world domination there or something. Its the 25th. Thats also a saturday. What should I say. I dont want to be rude. But they are about to announce star wars.”

The demonstration is in protest to George Bush's planned announcement, expected later this year, that the first phase of his doomed Reagan-era rehash "Star Wars" Missile Defence System be relaunched. Yet another durst idea from the "Failed '80s Playbook" by Dubya. What's next for President Zoolander, selling arms to the Contras? The base itself is regarded as an essential part of the US Star Wars system and is the one official Star Wars base in the UK so far.

Someone get George another pretzel, please!

Thom Yorke Versus George Bush