Live - The Argument Share Opposing Viewpoints With NYC Fans

It’s almost like a movie script. Opening scene: The Argument is gathered at a West Virginia gas station, prepping their tour van for a drive to NYC. The camera cuts to the engine, which starts smoking, and then bursts into flames. The band members hitchhike, car jack, and hot-air balloon themselves to the venue, just in time to woo the locals and an A&R exec. In the end, the band is signed to a major label, earning millions, and playing Madison Square Garden.

Well aside from the hi-jinks and the show at MSG, The Argument’s tour van did catch on fire and they did make it to Lion's Den on Friday (thanks to mom’s minivan) in time to satisfy the kids. Scott Simons (vocals/keyboard), Brett Bunner (bass), Chris Russell (drums), and Matt Warder (guitar) allow everyone to indulge in their guilty pleasure for power pop. You wish The Argument was around when you were thirteen and playing at your junior high dance.

Their appeal lies in the music’s ability to work itself into your head. You can’t help but to sing along. Winning local co-eds with "NYU Girls", the ladies eagerly nod their heads and giggle as Scott croons, “(NYU Girl) only smokes when she drinks/follows each smile with a wink/she’s not quite sure but she thinks/she’d like a place in Williamsburg…or Murray Hill.” Even IDJ honcho, LA Reid, admits that "Soaked" verse, “start from the top/and I’ll melt you down/and pour you over me” is “so hot.” Besides ballads ("Soaked"), songs flecked with self-consciousness ("Song One"), and Scott’s cat ("Speak My Mind"), the guys do a mean cover. Their rendition of "Hello Again" will be the first track in The Cars tribute album, Substitution Mass Confusion, featuring Butch Walker, Bleu, and Jon Auer. In line with OK Go and Ben Folds Five, The Argument pleases with great hooks, catchy lyrics and harmonies (all four sing) - you just have to let yourself.

The Argument will be touring the Midwest in October and Chris is sporting a dapper new chapeau.

Set list:
1. "Song One"
2. "Movin’ In"
3. "Speak My Mind"
4. "Soaked"
5. "Hello"
6. "NYU Girls"
7. "Incognito"
8. "Call in Sick"
9. "My Dumb Luck"

Source: Joyce Lee

Live - The Argument Share Opposing Viewpoints With NYC Fans