UK Compilation Highlights Famed London Club

There is a new compilation CD to be released in the UK highlighting the influential East London venue Rhythm Factory, as well as, the music that came out of it. The album, Bring Your Own Poison, Live at the Rhythm Factory, which features newcomers The Paddingtons, the Rocks and Thee Unstrung could have been titled The Libertines And Friends Present… jokes XFM as it features tracks from the band themselves, from Pete Doherty's side-project  Babyshambles, as well as a solo number from Doherty entitled "Back From The Dead". The club's "Bring Your Own Poison" event has been one of London's premiere parties with Chis and Gwyneth spottings helping to raise the buzz level.

Interesting note, the secret bonus track, a cover of the '77 new wave classic "Another Girl Another Planet" by The Only Ones, is covered by The Libertines with The Only One's Peter Perret guesting on the song.

Full tracklisting is as follows:

01. The Libertines "Up The Bracket"
02. The Lams "(You're) On The List"
03. Selfish C**t "Authority Confrontation"
04. The Paddingtons "Tommy's Disease"
05. Art Brut "Moving to LA"
06. The Rocks "Celeste"
07. Tigermoth "Me Something"
08. Babyshambles "Killamangiro"
09. Thee Unstrung "You"
10. Electricity Comes From Other Planets "You Stole My Brain"
11. Pete Doherty "Back From The Dead"
12. The Libertines featuring Peter Perret "Another Girl Another Planet"

Bring Your Own Poison, Live at the Rhythm Facory is out on the Believe Music label in the UK on October 11. Look for the import. A release party will happen at the club on October 20 for the London contingent.

UK Compilation Highlights Famed London Club