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The Futureheads Planning November US Dates

The Futureheads are hoping to take the momentum they have gained opening for Franz Ferninand this past month to help set up their second US tour in November. Guitarist/vocalist Ross Millard told, "We’re coming back in November to do our own shows which will be great ‘cause they will be small clubs," he said. "It will be good because no one has a clue who we are." The Sunderland quartet say touring America has been overwhelming, having never thought they’d leave the comfy confines of North England. "I don’t think until two-and-a-half years ago we thought we’d get to play anywhere outside of our home town anyway," Millard said. "Considering no one knows who we are, it’s [been] quite a warm welcome." It's the classic two-and-a-half year overnight success story!

Dates for their next trip are currently being finalized but the band are hoping there will be time in their November schedule to hit All Tomorrow’s Parties November 6-7 currently being curated by Modest Mouse. Closet music snob Millard gushes, "I’m kind of hoping we have a few days off around the same time as All Tomorrow’s Parties so we can check out some of our favorite bands like Modest Mouse and Built to Spill."

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The Futureheads Planning November US Dates