Creditors, Felonies, And Microphone Stands: The Courtney Love Story

Dear Courtney Love, please stop spending money.
Your Wallet

Yes, Courtney Love is not only in legal trouble, but is now swimming in financial woes. New Act Travel, a Los Angeles travel agency, claims that Love owes nearly $50,000 in unpaid airline tickets. According to Reuters, these stem from travel arrangements she made for her family, agents, and staff in the past year. Creditors are also swarming around Love over her NYC condo. The City of Los Angeles placed a $37,477.09 lein against her condo due to unpaid payroll taxes from her personal staff. Perhaps Courtney should consider finding some new income, like becoming a TrimSpa spokesperson.

She is also heading into court on November 3 to face felony charges for illegal possession of painkillers. After you add this to her two pending assault charges, Love has a whole smorgasbord of problems on her hands. How could we forget the allegations of Love smacking a fan with a microphone stand in NYC last March? One can only hope that her mandatory rehab issued last July will help her get back on track. About her rehab, Love told MTV, “It's not worth it to be on any pills. As long as I take nothing, nothing bad can happen to me.” I’d offer her a hug, but frankly she scares me.

Creditors, Felonies, And Microphone Stands: The Courtney Love Story