Live - Bloc Party In NYC

The speed at which things get passed around is ever increasing. A buzz in London is quickly converted into sold out shows in NYC. Remember when the Beatles didn't want to come to the US until they had a #1 song? All hail the interweb! Last night it was South London's Bloc Party and their trans-Atlantic chance to shine at the Knitting Factory in NYC. Starting off with "The Marshalls Are Dead", they were quick to demonstrate the elements of their live show; drummer Matt Tong is a jokester, lead singer Kele Okereke is a new voice in a tried and true genre, bass player Gordon Moakes is the perfect backing vocalist handling the low end on both bass and vocals, and guitarist Russell Lissack is the shy, "Cars meets XTC" glue that keeps it all moving forward.

Where bands like the Rapture have brought together the worlds of '80s Robert Smith vocals and dancier DFA grooves, songs like "Banquet", "Staying Fat" and "She's Hearing Voices" are the next generation of tunes. Leaning more vocally towards David Bowie, (listen to the "red pills, blues pills" vocals on "She's Hearing Voices") Bloc Party give a sly nod to their elders as they blow by them. "The Answer", with a more mainstream almost Blur or Ned's Atomic quality, is yet another weapon in their emerging arsenal.

Whatever tag gets you going, "the next Franz!", or for you Pottery Barn CD and VH-1 fans, "the next Keane[?]", the Party is on! No need for remixes or producers who take half their publishing, these lads are the "as is" diamond in the rough.

Free show at the Tribeca Grand Hotel on Saturday in NYC.

Live - Bloc Party In NYC