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Jason Falkner To Release New Album, Records With Paul McCartney

Brilliant alt-pop artist and former Jellyfish guitarist Jason Falkner is finally stepping back into the spotlight. It has been five years since the release of his full-length album Can You Still Feel, and is now finishing up its proper follow-up. Falkner has kept a full plate over the past half decade, performing with Air, Beck, and most recently Paul McCartney. According to Billboard, producer Nigel Godrich called Falkner to do a recording session with McCartney in Los Angeles. Falkner said, “It was just me and Paul and this drummer, James Gadson, who was the original drummer for Bill Withers. He’s doing different sessions with different producers, but nobody knows if those sessions are gonna be his record.” Teaming up these two pop masters is one of the greatest collaborative ideas in the history of mankind. Well, perhaps not, but it is still a damn great idea.

To give us a taste of his upcoming solo record, Falkner is releasing an EP entitled Bliss Descending. It will hit stores on October 19 through Red Eye Distribution. The EP contains five tracks, one or two of which may end up on the full-length release. About his new music, Falkner said, “"What I've been trying to do with this newer stuff is be more direct, and tell a story without relying on such abstract imagery. And musically, I've been trying to weed out a little bit of the math rock.” For those of you unfamiliar with Falkner’s solo work, where in the hell have you been? Do yourself a favor and check out any of his releases.

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Jason Falkner To Release New Album, Records With Paul McCartney