SNL Weekend Update Makeover: “Women And Women First”

What the world needs now is more female anchors on the air, and funny ones at that. This past weekend, Saturday Night Live kicked off their 04-05 season featuring a brand new look to the "Weekend Update" segment. We all know Jimmy Fallon took his final bow at the end of last season, meaning he would be giving up his co-anchor spot with Tina Fey. OK, maybe we forgot about it over the summer, but the question of his replacement was finally answered, and delightfully so.

Tina Fey will now co-anchor with fellow cast mate Amy Poehler - the first time the show is having two females co-anchor, and it’s about fucking time. Both are smart, funny and cute and considering that segment remains one of the show's best, the dual estrogen wit has just made it the best for sure.

Amy eased into the chair perfectly, hitting her mark on the first joke and even pausing to say “whew, that was my first joke,” followed by applause from Tina and the crowd. The segment was highlighted with a guest appearance by “Tony Soprano” and he was giving it to Amy a bit. So was Horatio Sanz as “Elton John”. He kept calling Amy by the wrong name and asking where Jimmy was.

At the end, Tina and Amy hugged and history was made. We are off and rolling with a new anchor team that is hotter than any WB morning news anchor I have seen in a long time. Plus, they are funny and smart.

It wasn’t enough that I was tracking Tina’s hair last season, now I have to keep up with Amy’s look too. Tune in friends, You will smile.

(note to NBC security – I am not a stalker, I am really a nice guy, just a big fan that’s all – please, let me in.)

SNL Weekend Update Makeover: “Women And Women First”