Alt- Metal Found In Incubus’ Bag - Act 1

Scene 1: Lights up, bring into focus metal detectors, grouchy security guards, and impatient travelers. Enter stage left, our leading man, non-other than Incubus’ front man Brandon Boyd. On his way from New York to North Carolina to perform a concert, everything seems to be in place. Action!

Brandon willingly gives up his carry-on bag to be properly screened before take off. The front man who will be releasing a new album entitled Live At The Red Rocks on Nov. 23, senses something’s up.

Alarm! Security personnel have found something, something bad. From the dark depths of his carry on luggage they produce our nemesis: a switchblade! [Noooooooooo! in Will Ferrell Old School- tranquilizer mode]

In the long lineage of Hollywood one-liners our leading man delivers, “My bad." Ah-nold move over. "I totally forgot it was at the bottom of my bag.”

After being charged with possession of a weapon Brandon was allowed to continue on his journey. Once in NC he realizes he has only 20 minutes to get to the gig on time. Alas, he made it safe and sound in true rock star fashion with the oh-so-coveted police escort.

Somewhere Bobby Brown is visiting his parole officer for crossing a double yellow line.

The End

Source: John Majer

Alt- Metal Found In Incubus’ Bag - Act 1