Live – TV On The Radio Have Chicagoland Tuning In

Some probably think that the ideal band to open up for The Faint would fall somewhere in between a mash of dancefloor oriented rock or just straight up electronic music, but not for tonight’s lineup in Chicago. On the second night of two sold out shows at the Metro, TV on the Radiopacked the crowd earlier than usual because of all the hype this band has been receiving. TV on the Radio also managed to support this tour with Beep Beepand headliners, The Faint,making it a solid all around musical experience for the crowd because of their wild assortment of sounds. TVOTR is ranging anywhere from neo soul rock, to somewhat of an indie-tronic feel. Frontman Tunde Adebimpeserved the crowd with a presence that consisted of emotional laryngitis-sounding screams, sometimes being backed up by highly pitched vox samples that were messing with the people’s heads, all layered over slightly distorted riffs. This is TV on the Radio though, a sound that people are attracted to because of this wild mash up that gets the listener into an awkward groove.

They opened the show on the more loungey tip, then they gradually warmed up the crowd to a point where they were quickly bobbing their heads to the uptempo’d “Staring at the Sun”, which is slowly getting air time on some radio stations. TVOTR closed out last night with an encore that was targeted towards Bush. With ragga sounding political rants and yells of pain and passion, TVOTR probably left much of the Metro thinking “what exactly influenced these guys to make music like this.” Music like that kind of sends an ambiguous message, but it’s music that sounds additionally interesting as you hear it more and more.

Only after releasing the Young Liars EP on Touch and Go records in July of 2003, they cranked out the album Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes that has been getting attention by many. Be sure to check them out, as they just started their national tour in Chicago.

Source: Sergio Flores

Live – TV On The Radio Have Chicagoland Tuning In