Stealing Of A Nation

Fight the power, Radio 4 are kicking ass and taking names. Stealing Of A Nation, the follow-up to 2002's highly-acclaimed Gotham!, is setting the groove for the anti-establishment. From the opening track, "Party Crashers", a pulsing throb with Cure-like keyboard arpeggios, to the Duran Duran-meets-the Clash bounce of "State of Alert", to the tribal closer, "Coming Up Empty", and all points in-between, Radio 4 are looking for a new party they can play come Nov 2. Politics aside, the music is steeped in your mid-'80s record collection. Taking their name from a Public Image song is indicative of the band's awareness of mixing music and message. Produced by Max Heyes (Doves, Primal Scream) and recorded in Radio 4's hometown, New York City, the anglo stylings are bursting with crafted funky guitar hooks, industrial strength digital loops, ominous low-end riffs and bass melody lines that Simon Gallup and John Taylor would nod in appreciation to.

Anthony Roman, bass and vocals, describing the Radio 4 aesthetic, recalls, "'Let's do something that's got a rhythm, and got a pulse to it'. We were all really into Gang of Four and Wire and scratchy guitar. We wanted to be as minimal as possible, and we wanted to do something that couldn't be perceived as indie rock." Well played. Fitting into the NYC scene may seem beneficial with so much attention these days, but leading it is a much larger order. Give props to Radio 4 for reporting for duty and leading a much needed charge.

Radio 4

Stealing Of A Nation