Good Charlotte vs. CIMS

Move over Todd Oldham and Mossimo, Prozac poster boys Good Charlotte heart Target. It seems their label Epic Records decided to give the chain a version of the new record with one extra track pissing off independent music retail coalition CIMS. It seems CIMS has instituted a policy for this very action meant to penalize those record labels that give exclusive CD versions to its competitors. In an email from CIMS member Plan 9 Music, president Jim Bland responds to the slight, "Effective through the month of October, Plan 9 has ceased all price, positioning, in-store play, etc. for all Epic releases. While we are fulfilling existing advertising obligations already in place, we are canceling any ads not yet run and any promotional commitments not yet begun. Epic titles will also not appear on our charts, website promotions, and email newsletters." The email goes on to say that Plan 9 regrets the negative impact this will have on other Epic artists, and that it's giving up over $1,000 in advertising in order to enforce these sanctions.

Over at the CIMS website, there's an explanation of the whole Good Charlotte situation. "Do what ever you can to get your band promoted," it says, "but please don't tamper with the core product unless you want to only live in Big Guy world."

Shrinking playlists, fewer retails stores, less space translating into fewer titles. Labels sure know how to shoot themselves in the foot.

Sidenote: Benji, get Jared Fogle's phone number sooner rather than later.

Good Charlotte vs. CIMS