Live - A Night With Moz

A backdrop that resembles a midnight sky and nine 20-foot tall letters that light up bright and red and spell out MORRISSEY adorned the stage of Radio City Music Hall last night. As the lights flickered, it felt as if you were in a Vegas casino and you’ve just hit the jackpot, except your prize isn’t money, but a handsome devil with magical pipes. Sure, enormous letters that spell out your name seem a tad bit egotistical, but not for this otherworldly English superstar who has been adored for over two decades.

Everyone in the audience couldn’t get enough from the moment they heard the first note of “How Soon Is Now?”, which continued into “Big Mouth Strikes Again”. All the men in the crowd with their pompadours couldn’t help but sing along with every word Morrissey uttered. He exuded sexuality with every shake of his pelvis or flail of his arm. He went through three shirt changes but made sure everyone in the audience got a long hard look at his chiseled mature abs. Morrissey’s voice was flawless as the melodrama of The Smiths’ songs unfolded and his new songs off of You Are The Quarry echoed in the minds of every adoring fan. The band continued to impress with every song they played during the hour plus set.

Unfortunately, the encore, “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”, was cut short because of a crazed fan and an angered bodyguard. Moz threw the microphone down and left abruptly. Some fans booed but the majority didn’t care, they had just seen an amazing show by music’s most heartfelt and emotional hero.

Source: Karen León

Live - A Night With Moz