Live - Supergrass Prove They Should Be HUGE Here Too  

Once again, as has been the case on many occasions, I’m left dumbfounded for the following reasons - Supergrass is literally one of THE best live bands I’ve EVER seen, bar none. This leads me to wonder aloud, WHY oh WHY is this band not at least more than a murmur in the States?!?! Are we THAT stupid? Ashley Simpson having a #1 debut while this trio (occasional quartet) barely registers on the radar with 2,000 units sold since August answers my own question. Seeing how they broke in the shadow of grunge and Oasis, American programmers seemed dim enough to just ignore them rather than take a chance on another one of those pesky British rock bands.  It’s not that challenging to listen to catchy, guitar & harmony driven songs, is it?

So enough of that mess.  Let’s get on with the facts:  Supergrass celebrated 10 years together and are supporting a greatest hits album. Huge everywhere else, this band has a wealth of stellar material to plow through. Normally saved for the end of shows, the blinding pounding lights and thumping bass of "Lenny" opened the evening of a stellar set. I can only praise every facet of this band. Musically – tight tight tight.  Vocally – Gaz Coombes soars. When he steps away from the mic for his lead licks, his sound and movements are perfect rock star mode that sorely lacks these days. His harmonies with bassist Mick Quinn are staggering. They hit the mark every time. Danny Goffey is the kind of drummer you love to watch – wiry, sweaty and a constant rolling barrage who’s never missing his time and always in the pocket. While their rock prowess is at top speed – this tour introduced an acoustic set for the first time. Their only true U.S. hit (and international smash) "Caught By The Fuzz" takes on a whole new life by being so stripped down.  Brilliant. 

They covered all areas of hits ("Grace", "Pumping On Your Stereo"), their career ("Mary", "Kiss Of Life") and tracks I never get sick of ("Sun Hits The Sky", "Moving"). Two observations: LA gets points for packing a much larger venue than the band has ever played here (about triple the normal size) with one of the most freakishly beautiful audiences I’ve ever seen. Next, if you don’t have any of their albums – do yourself a favor and grab the greatest hits Supergrass Is 10. For the U.S release, an entire live show is added as a bonus disc (playing in the background right now).  It’s a  perfect start to saturate your ears and wonder where you’ve been for the past ten years.

The Sun opened the show. Nothing life changing.  After being very promising on record, I was hoping to be blown away.  Not so, but certainly not idle yak by any means.

Source: Matt Surrena

Live - Supergrass Prove They Should Be HUGE Here Too