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Nick Cave Screenplay Being Turned Into Feature Film

Did anyone know that Nick Cave wrote screenplays? Well, he does, and his The Proposition is currently being filmed in Australia. Directed by long-time collaborator John Hillcoat, the film stars Guy Pearce, John Hurt, Ray Winstone, Danny Huston, David Wenham and Emily Watson. According to a posting on his band's website, the film is "a powerfully gripping story that tells of two brothers in conflict."

Set in the 1880’s, the film opens in the middle of a frenzied gunfight between the police and a gang of outlaws. Charlie Burns (Guy Pearce) and his brother Mikey are captured by Captain Stanley (Ray Winstone). Together with their psychopathic brother Arthur (Danny Huston), they are wanted for a brutal crime. Stanley makes Charlie a seemingly impossible proposition in an attempt to bring an end to the cycle of bloody violence. Emily Watson plays Stanley’s wife Martha Stanley; John Hurt plays the bounty hunter Jellon Lamb and David Wenham plays Eden Fletcher, the powerful local landowner.

Nick Cave will be overseas throughout November and December touring with his band The Badseeds in support of a new double album, Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus. That album is available internationally now via Mute but won't be out until October 26 in the US (on ANTI-). As soon as we find out when The Proposition is expected in theaters, we'll let you know.

Nick Cave Screenplay Being Turned Into Feature Film