Ian Brown Joined By Noel Gallagher, Mani And James Lavelle On Stage

Some say greatest show of the year? As per my blatant requests to reform the Stone Roses the past fews weeks, apparently Ian Brown, Noel Gallagher and Mani are Tripwire readers. What else can explain last night when the three found themselves on the same stage at Brown's Manchester Apollo gig. On tour for his solo record, Solarized, the Monkeyman was keeping up with his recent trend of dipping into his former band's bag of tricks, sprinkling in Roses tunes throughout the night. With former Roses' bassist Mani spotted in the crowd earlier, the reunion buzz was in full speculation mode. Is this the one? Wishful thinking? With the eventual turn of events, it all fuzzes into one big blur of mind blowing proportions.

Manchester's finest personified. As if the notion of playing Stone Roses classics throughout his set for his hometown crowd were enough to blow Jeremy P. Goldstein's mind, [which was probably shot on song two, "Sally Cinnamon"] during the encore he probaly flat-lined. Fellow Manc, Oasis' Noel Gallagher, came onto the stage and helped Brown on current single "Keep What Ya Got". The two co-wrote the song and Noel provided backing vocals and lead guitar. Crowd goes mental. So is Mani going to do his part? Join with Brown and play some Roses tunes? Nearing the end of the set, Brown makes his move to the side of the stage and persuades Mani to come out and take a bow. ”Let’s have a big hand for Mani”, Brown smiled. “Mani’s in the house!” Together on stage, was it the Third Coming? The audience went crazy as the pair hugged and waved. But it wasn't meant to be. No reunion this time.

End of night. Right? Not quite. Taking the show to Spinal Tap "This-goes-to-11" levels for the final encore, Brown was joined on stage by DJ James Lavelle and the two did songs they recorded with UNKLE , "Be There" and "R.E.I.G.N". Turns out they are on the road together for Brown's Eurporean dates. Will Brown return the favor on UNKLE's US dates? Hmm?

The greatest show of the year? Hyperbole? Check out the setlist below and find out.

"Destiny Of Circumstance"
"Sally Cinnamon"
"(Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister"
"Where Angels Play"
"Made Of Stone"
"She Bangs The Drums"
"Golden Gaze"
"Love Like A Fountain"
"If Dolphins Were Monkeys"
"Longsight M13"
"The Sweet Fantastic"
"Forever And A Day"
"Time Is My Everything"
"I Wanna Be Adored"
"Love Bug"
"Keep What Ya Got"
"Be There"

Koch Entertainment and Global Underground, I'm looking at you right now. John Squire, you're next on my list.

Ian Brown Joined By Noel Gallagher, Mani And James Lavelle On Stage