Live - The Blood Brothers Make Chicago Punks' Blood Boil

Back in ‘94 or ‘95, I saw Murphy’s Law front man Jimmy G electrocute himself when he accidentally grabbed a black light while he swung from a support beam that went out over the crowd at The Haunt in Ithaca, NY. Not since then have I seen a more entertaining and electrifying (get it?) punk show than I did tonight watching The Blood Brothers' set at the Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago. 

Chicago’s Logan Square Auditorium, a fairly new venue for shows, used to host wedding parties highlighted by dances with daddy. Well, daddy was no where to be found last night, and his daughter was out looking for some rough play with the boys daddy told her to steer clear of... The Blood Brothers. Seemingly nice between songs, Jordan Whitney would muse “You guys play nice. It is all about positive vibes.” You would consider for a moment The Blood Brothers could probably be invited to Thanksgiving dinner. But once the reverb died down and all pleasantries were spoken, Jordan Billie and Johnny Whitney where all about jumping into some hard hitting beats layered with their signature banshee screams as they smashed your auntie’s China and kicked the shit out of the household dream cat, Mr. Tinkles.

Seattle’s Blood Brothers fuse together the nerdieness of EMO with the hardcore edge of punk. This is evident in the crowd littered with kids wearing khaki Gap shirts with fashionable metal studded belts mixed in with a few token mohawks or full-on piercings. Moshpits have given way to a bobbing head generation, clapping hands instead of throwing fists. Of course, you get the occasional aggressor trying to stir shit up, but he soon loses steam once he realizes that posse of Abercrombie & Fitch shirts behind him don’t have his back. No matter how the crowd came together, The Blood Brothers were able to get everyone’s blood boiling.

The Blood Brothers kicked off the show with “Trash Flavored Trash”, a fast paced scream session matched with hi-octane guitar. The crowd sang along to “Peacock Skeleton With Crooked Feathers” and “Teen Heat”, off their album Crimes (out Oct. 12th), as if they had the album for months. Jordan Billie and Johnny Whitney held a stage presence with the moves of Mick Jagger and the madness of Craig Nicholls of The Vines. Their banshee screams were filled with the wavering vocals of Jack White at the high pitch of Rush’s Geddy Lee. Their vocals pierced the cover of The Doors “Five to One”, while Morgan Henderson and Mark Gajadhar held true to The Doors bluesy back beat of bass and drums.

The closest thing to a dance with daddy came during the lethargic emo-punk slow dance to The Blood Brothers title song, “Crimes”. “Crimes” did not seem to attack the crowd, but give them a few more weeks to absorb some more songs. They will be belting out each word as if they were singing along to “Hey Ya!” in no time.

Taking the temperature of the crowd, Jordan asks in his high-pitched voice: “Everybody OK out there?”

One desperate attendee answered the call with: “Well, I have High Cholesterol!”

I think everybody’s cholesterol and blood pressure where rising after The Blood Brothers set.

Source: Brian Balok

Live - The Blood Brothers Make Chicago Punks' Blood Boil